DIY Julstjärna / Paper Star

Holiday season is here and while we just finished celebrating Halloween it is time to get ready for Christmas. I know it’s early but I can’t help myself. I love Christmas and decorations. Last year I made a whole lot of table decoration but this year I am going to focus on decorating the Christmas tree. Yes, this year my husband and I are going to have our very first tree. So my first Christmas diy project is this adorable paper star. You can make a big one and hang it in front of the window or a small one and hang it in your christmas tree. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own paper star.
You will need:
6 x pieces of paper (the size of your squares will depend on how big you want your star decoration)
1. Fold one of your pieces of paper in half diagonally.
2. Cut the end of the paper.
3. Now you have a square that is folded into a triangel.
4. Fold your paper again into a quarter and open it again. Now you will have a straight line in the middle of the triangle.
5. Cut 5 straight lines approx 1cm apart. (The space between each cut and how many cuts you need will depend on the size of your star.)
6. Cut the same on the other side.
7. Open up the square piece of paper you have just cut and flatten.
8. Take the inner triangle cuts and fix the ends together using glue as shown in the picture.
9.Take the next triangle cut and fix those ends together but this time in the opposite direction. As shown in picture 9-10 20131030-145717.jpg
10.Repeat this process until all ends have been fixed together to create 1 point of your star.
11. Repeat this process with the remaining 5 pieces of paper, creating 6 points to your star.
12. Take 3 of your completed points and stick the top of the points together creating a semi-circle. Make sure that the star points are stapled together facing the same direction.
13. Repeat step 12 for the remaining 3 points of your star and staple both half’s together to secure.
Your paper star i completed!
20131027-152519.jpg /Victoria

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