DIY Baby Blanket

This weekend’s project was to sew this baby blanket inspired by Sture & Folkes fine, but somewhat expensive blankets. Pattern reminiscent of summer and the small piece of ribbons for the baby to play with. I’m very happy with the results and the blanket is so cozy and cuddly.

 You will need: three fabrics, batting, fabric tape, sewing machine

1. Cut out the fabric and batting to the size you want your blanket to be. I did my in size 80x100cm and used three different fabrics. The two plain ones where cut in half and it’s here you put the ribbons. 
2. Cut the fabric tape into stripes in the number and the length you want. Fold the stripe in half. Place the stripe with eyelet inwards between the fabrics so that the end of the tape stand out. Pin the ribbon together with the fabric.
3. Place the second fabric right-versus-right and pin togheter.
4. Pins and sew togheter the two pieces. 
5. Place your third fabric with the right side up and put togheter your now two pieces of fabric right -versus-right. 6. Place the batting on top, pin and sew the rest of the blanket leaving an opening to turn the fabric.
7. Turn the blanket so that the batt get inside and right side of the fabric ends up on the outside. Sew the opening.
8. Your baby blanket is finished and ready to be used.
I love to se my baby lying on the blanket and playing with the ribbons. ♥

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